Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Once Upon a time

If I say to you "Once upon a time..." you expect me to tell you a story. If I was to say to you "In Nottingham today 3 masked men entered Gregs the bakers" you would assume I was about to report a piece of news to you. If I was to say to you "Cook the pasta until al dente" you would think you were following a recipe.

With this in mind i guess thats the idea of my Blog Cupcakes and Cartwheels. Its an eclectic selection of thoughts, poems, stories, recipes, websites, ideas and such. A bunch of things I would like to share and a release after a hard day at work!

I hope you read, enjoy, comment, take from it what you fancy!

I read a poem recently I found quite apt.

"Got one mind for the boss to see,
Got another mind for what I know is me"

I hope this blog is me!

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